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2009-11-17 03:32 pm

Effing dykes reduc

I created an RSS feed for the Effing Dykes blog, which means you can add it as an lj friend and read it whenever it updates. Check it out:
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2009-08-27 11:08 am
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Basic MS Access question

I am trying to calculate the difference between 2 dates in an MS Access Query, and then have that difference impact the addition of a value to a new column.

I have [PepsiDate] and [VisitDate] from a couple of
For example, the first date is [PepsiDate] and the second date is [VisitDate].  If [VisitDate] - [PepsiDate] is within 7 days, I want to update a new column [PepsiWithin7] to say 'Yes.'

Is there a way to create this populating? or for the new field to maybe just subtract dates the way I've described?

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2009-08-20 03:52 pm
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pared down reading list

I did a large f-list cut today, cutting my list by half.   It's just something I had to do. 

For those who were cut, we will be able to keep in touch in other ways.  Most of you have my email, phone, or facebook contact.    
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2007-08-11 06:46 pm

short fiction subscription drive

[ profile] slushmaster makes a case for subscribing to the short science fiction market here.